Legal and Disclosures

The RUNegades Running Club is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting health and wellness while making a positive impact on the community. Founded with the vision of combining a passion for running with philanthropy, the RUNegades host various running events throughout the year to raise funds for local charities.

One of the core principles of the RUNegades is to make a difference by organizing free events for local charities. These events are designed to encourage people of all fitness levels to participate, fostering inclusivity and community engagement. Participants have the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause while enjoying the benefits of physical activity.
In addition to their free events, the RUNegades have formed a partnership with the Pennsylvania Running Company. Together, they organize paid running events that attract a broader audience and generate even greater support for local charities. Through these collaborations, the RUNegades have successfully raised over $85,000 to date, benefiting a variety of charitable organizations within the community.

The RUNegades Running Club is driven by the belief that running has the power to transform lives, both for individuals and the community as a whole. By combining their love for running with their commitment to charitable causes, the organization strives to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of those in need.