Weekly Runs

8:00 am Sundays
Sunday bRUNch @ Steel City Coffee House in Phoenixville, PA

Come join the hippest, hottest, most irreverent group of runners you will EVER find awake at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning! The RUNegades welcome all paces and faces. Seriously, at least one of us is either a. HURT or b. SLOW or c. cursing the fact that it's 8am on a Sunday. or d. ALL of the above. Sure, we've got the fast people too, but the bottom line is this: we're all FUN people. We'll set out from Steel City at 8am and return to Steel City some miles in the future for coffee, brunch, banter, and a whole lot of fun.

6:30 pm Tuesdays
Tuesday Night Shoes 'N Brews @ The Rec Room in Phoenixville, PA

Come join us on a scamper through the streets and trails of Phoenixville (#scenicsville). Some of us go fast, many of us go slow. Some go 7+ miles, many go 2-4, and some simply enjoy a good walk. Afterwards, we congregate at Rec Room for some rebelliously unconventional fun in true RUNegades style.
Thanks to Rec Room, anyone who joins us will get a free (8 oz.) beer and $2 off small plates AND, on Tuesday nights, the ping pong and shuffleboard are free!

8:30 am Saturdays
The Dirty Birds Trail Run @ Washington's Headquarters in Valley Forge Park
Scott Pestinger leads the Dirty Birds (the RUNegades' new trail running group) every Saturday morning. 
This is true trail running. Roots rocks mud and hills will be a part of every run. Very little paved paths. This is an all paces group. We go to a Y and we will wait until everyone catches up. No one gets lost.
Get ready to get dirty!

If you have any questions about any of our weekly runs, please contact us at info@runegades.com