Weekly Group Runs

Whether you're training for a marathon or looking to get off the couch and give running a try, we have a group for you! 

Sunday at 8:00 am

Sunday bRUNch @ Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA

Come join the hippest, hottest, most irreverent group of runners you will EVER find awake at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning! The RUNegades welcome all paces and faces. Seriously, at least one of us is either a. HURT or b. SLOW or c. cursing the fact that it's 8:00 am on a Sunday. or d. ALL of the above. Sure, we've got the fast people too, but the bottom line is this: we're all FUN people. We'll set out from Steel City at 8:00 am and return to Steel City some miles in the future for coffee, brunch, banter, and a whole lot of fun. *NOTE* Time changes to 8:00 am during warmer months (at the start of Daylight Savings Time in March). 

Monday at 6:00 pm
Group Run from Keystone Running Store @ 200 East High Street Pottstown, PA
Omar Abdali leads the group from Keystone Running Store! Run through the streets of Pottstown, all paces encouraged!

Tuesdays at 6:30 pm
Tuesday Night Shoes 'N Brews @ The Rec Room in Phoenixville, PA
Ryan Drummond of Threshold Athletic Coaching and Jimmy Christie lead our Tuesday night Shoes 'N Brews group runs with our awesome and gracious hosts, the Rec Room by Conshohocken Brewing Co. For runners 21+, Rec Room offers a free 8 oz. pour at the conclusion of our run!

Fridays at 6:00 am
Friday Morning Group Run with Steve Town @ Steel City Coffeehouse in Phoenixville, PA.
Steve Town leads our crack-o-dawn Friday Morning group run! Meet outside of Steel City Coffeehouse at 6 am on Fridays and enjoy 3+ miles of early morning running. There is an "extra credit" group that meets for a few additional miles at 5:30am from Steel City as well.

Fridays at 4:30 pm
"The Happiest Hour" run with Shiela Korick alternating between Parkerford and Spring City on the Schuylkill River Trail

Nothing beats celebrating the end of a work week like a run with friends. The Happiest Hour group will alternate between Parkerford and Spring City on Friday afternoons (check our FB group for the details each week!). This is a "no drop" run, meaning no matter what pace you are, you will have a running, walking, or jogging partner.

Saturdays at 8:30 am
Saturday Morning Group Run with Marilyn Eaton @ Keystone Running Store in Pottstown, PA.
Marilyn Eaton, cross country coach and runner extraordinaire, warmly welcomes all beginners and experts alike to our Saturday morning group run in Pottstown. We start on the corner of Hanover and High Street at the running store in Pottstown. On average, runners go from 3 miles to as long as they want. All faces and paces welcome as this is a no-drop run.
**(If you live in Phoenixville, the All Kinds of Fast Group Run meets at All Kinds of Fast on Bridge Street at 8:30 am.). 
As always, ALL paces and faces are welcome!


If you have any questions about any of our weekly runs, please contact us at info@runegades.com