Threshold Athletic Coaches Corner -- Cold Weather Running!

Cold Weather Running, Threshold Athletic Coaches' Corner -

Threshold Athletic Coaches Corner -- Cold Weather Running!

Cold Weather Running

We're about to be force-fed frozen jello-shots of the cold weather season, so this tip is about cold weather running. Much like hot weather running, running in extremes of cold can impact your performance. The effect of the cold on your body as you run depends on "how cold" the environment is and how well you address it. Some tips related to keeping your running even keel and enjoyable are:

1. "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing." You've heard it before but it bears repeating: layers -- thin, wicking material close to the skin, the bulkier insulating stuff on top. Add/remove layers as you need.

[Bonus tip: for cold wet long runs, a change of socks mid-run will change your life. Well, not really. But it's great!]

2. Hydration is as important in the cold as it is in heat, but easier to ignore as the cold doesn't trigger your thirst like the heat does. Keep those fluids going.

3. A thorough warm-up is even more important if trying to hit a performance goal in a workout or race. Cold muscles don't do anything well.

4. In extreme cold - other effects like frostbite or hypothermia are real concerns. Play the long game when the weather gets dangerous and work out indoors, cross train, or reschedule for a better day.

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