Ryan's Training Tip Tuesday--Threshold


Threshold training is running at a pace that is between aerobic running (think smiles, laughter and joy) and anaerobic running (think panting, cursing and burning).

Your threshold running pace is defined as the pace you can sustain for for an hour long hard run. For many of us, our 10K race pace is good estimate of threshold pace. For the faster among us, a 10 miler is better.

The good news is: your threshold is very trainable, and some focus here can offer big improvements with fairly time-efficient workouts. By running at or just under threshold pace, your body adapts by shifting the threshold to allow for faster aerobic pace. Because your body wants smiles, laughter and joy. Not panting and cursing.

So this week’s tip is: know what your threshold pace is, and try a once-per-week threshold workout as 20-40 minutes run at this pace, after a good warmup. In your overall training program, these workouts fit best after a period of easy base miles to ensure that your body can handle the stress.


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